Natasha Sharpe is an illustrator, animator, and storyteller who amuses herself by projecting personalities onto inanimate objects and distilling the chaos of the real world into an easily digestible biscuit. She was born and raised in San Rafael, California, where she enjoyed building elf villages in the backyard and spent a lot of time swimming in both chlorinated and natural bodies of water. After being introduced to animation at the Rhode Island School of Design, she realized that the bug-eyed characters filling her sketchbooks could become even better communicators if she taught them how to move. Once she graduated from the RISD Film/Animation/Video department in 2017, she and her bursting collection of imaginary friends piled into their eggplant-shaped intergalactic pedi-cab and are currently circumnavigating the solar system looking for cool new projects and fun people to hop on their bus. 
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